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About Student Council

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What is the Student Council

Student Council of the Faculty of Arts is a civil association of the students of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. Student Council protects interests of their students and help them in communication with the faculty.

Student Council of the Faculty of Arts was established during Velvet Revolution (November 1989). Firstly a strike council of the Faculty of Arts was set up, and after the revolution, Student Council took its jurisdiction in 1990.

Support of students’ life

Currently Student Council is regarded as a respected body which solves specific problems of students, provides information to students about studies and students’ life and supports them by financing their projects.

Student Council also has clubs for students such as Music club or Theatre club which offer discounted tickets to significant theatres or classical music concerts in Prague. Council also has Film club where students can watch various kinds of movies. One more cultural and social activity is organisation of a faculty ball.

Activities supported by Council

Council supports activities of students which are not tightly connected with the study but somehow contribute to a democratic milieu of the faculty. Examples are student festivities called Majales in spring, or protest events against corruption and other non-democratic practice ( That has been a student movement which critically evaluated the development of our society up to the 20th anniversary of Czech democracy (Anniversary of Velvet Revolution)

Another very important one is also the student movement which helped organise the Week of restlessness in 2012. This movement pointed at bad quality of Czech tertial education by means of demonstrations, debates and public meetings (for more information,

One of traditionally organised events is a commemoration of Jan Palach’s testament. Jan Palach was a History student at the Faculty of Arts who burnt himself as a personal protest against Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968

How it works at Student Council

Student Council is managed by a body of supervisors, that is, a committee consisting of 12 members responsible to all students of the faculty. They are elected once a year at a general meeting of all faculty students (at the moment, there are about 8 000 students at one of the most numerous faculties). Student Council of Faculty of Arts is a non-profitable organisation. Former members of the council are well-known persons of Czech public life. Let’s mention Vlastimil Ježek, who worked as a director of Czech radio broadcasting , the Dean of Faculty of Arts Michal Stehlík, Petra Hůlová, a famous nificant novelist, and many others.